The 7 Secrets Crash Course

HAVE YOU EVER FELT THIS WAY? WE HAVE! So, we created a course based on 7 Secrets To Raise the Bar for women entrepreneurs who just cannot get their business to the level they hoped and planned. Each secret is set up to walk you through how to grow your confidence in overcoming self doubt and quiet the COMMITTEE IN YOUR HEAD by arming you with the tools to quickly boost your confidence and grow your business! 

A Crash Course for Women Entrepreneurs by Women Entrepreneurs! We know it can be difficult because we've been there, done that, too. 

 We coach and teach women to discover ways to conquer self doubt and take control to thrive with confidence in business & life. 

What's Inside

Created with YOU in mind...we have a smorgasboard of lessons and ideas from what we have learned and tried successfully! We want you to find that same success as well! Plus..we have 7 LIVE CALLS -with Coach Cindy & Coach Lavonne teaching lessons learned on all 7 Secrets.  

A full self-study curriculum with the audios, e-book, worksheet, tips, 7 live group coaching calls and a lot of bonus material. It's available to you 24:7 to explore, listen, watch, and work! We have created every piece to add value as you work each day to set, meet and exceed goals for your business. Our purpose is to encourage, mentor and teach women entrepreneurs to move forward with confidence, strength and boldness in life and business. Questions for us? We will be on the phone teaching and hosting a Q&A one hour each week. You will have full access to those calls as well as the classroom material. 

Secret 1 & Group Call 1

Reframe your Self Perception

Reframe you thoughts from a position of strength to squelch the voice of self doubt.

Secret 2 & Group Call 2

Build Your Network

Build your network by honing your What Do You Do? statement.

Secret 3 & Group Call 3

Embrace Risk

Embrace risk by making sound decisions using the Risk Consideration Tool. 

Secret 4 & Group Call 4

Cultivate Curiosity

Formulate the questions swirling in your head that will propel your business forward.  

Secret 5 & Group Call 5

Move on From the Setback

Quickly move on from a setback with the Look, Learn, Leave tool. 

Secret 6 & Group Call 6

Focus Your Future

Learn how to always keep your passion burning for your business. Steps and methods to keep your "white hot why" front and center as you dream and set vision for the future of your business. 


Secret 7 & Group Call 7

Perfect is Not a Requirement

Why do we even try to be perfect? You will learn in this powerful secret that mistakes DO NOT define you! Sometimes good enough is good enough, because perfect is NOT a destination. 

About the Authors

Meet the entrepreneurs behind Raise the Bar - The Crash Course

We have a passion for entrepreneurship and more than 25 years experience as entrepreneurs in business leadership, coaching, mentoring, and consulting. We coach and teach women entrepreneurs to discover ways to conquer self doubt and take control so they can thrive with confidence in business and life. 

Coach Cindy Tannehill and Coach Lavonne Mullet

Get Started Today - We have packed 12 weeks of coaching material into this for less than the cost of 2 private coaching sessions!

It is time to RAISE THE BAR in your business to grow your business with confidence, strength and boldness! 

Just imagine 8 weeks from now when you have taken steps to Raise the Bar in business and life!