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Raise the Bar Academy Raise the Bar Academy

Raise the Bar - The Crash Course

Raise the Bar – the Crash Course will instruct you in the 7 Secrets we have identified that will enable you to quiet the critical inner voice while arming you with key business tools so you can raise the bar with confidence and grow your business.

You will learn to:

  • Reframe your thoughts from a position of strength to squelch the voice of self doubt
  • Build your network by honing your What do you do statement
  • Embrace risk by making sound decisions using the Risk Consideration Tool
  • Formulate the questions swirling in your head that will propel your business forward
  • Quickly move on from a setback with the Look, Learn, Leave tool
  • Recapture your passion for your business as you plan for the future
  • Overcome the perfectionism tendencies that waste your time and energy.

Raise the Bar - the Crash Course includes:

  • 7 group calls
  • Self study including Worksheets, tip sheets, audios, tools, bonuses
  • Assignments to use in your business immediately
  • Consideration to join Master Mind group

​​​7 Secrets Master Circle (Coming Soon!)

A private invitation to be a part of a dynamic group of women entrepreneurs to learn, share challenges, exchange ideas, hear guest speakers, and private coaching to make an immediate difference in your business.

The Master Circle includes

  • Everything listed in the Raise the Bar - The Crash Course
  • Master Circle private Facebook community
  • Monthly circle live call - dissecting real problem from group member
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Communication evaluation (by Certified MBTI Practitioner)
  • Various business and leadership assessments
  • 4 personal 1:1 coaching calls with a specific business focus or interest
  • Guest speaker sharing story or new business idea

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