Secret 7: Perfect is NOT a Requirement


 “Have no fear of perfection – you will never reach it.” – Salvador Dali

On a conscious level we get it – we know we can never achieve perfection. But oh don’t we try! Through our lens of perfectionism, we interpret “Go Big or Go Home” as “All or Nothing.” If we can’t be assured of “all,” we are reluctant to even put ourselves out there. We retreat. We become paralyzed by our fear of failure.

So what can you do to quiet the all or nothing voice in your head? Accept that you are not going to do things perfectly. You will do them well; you will exemplify excellence, but you are not going to do everything perfectly. Remind yourself that you will make mistakes and you will learn from them and your business will ultimately be better for that learning.

Be deliberate about where you focus your energy. Not every email or every phone call or even every presentation requires your “all.” Some things just require getting done. Get those things off your plate so you can move on to what truly creates value for your business. Sometimes good enough is good enough.

And what about those things that really do matter? Every morning when you start your day, identify what is the #1 item on your schedule for the day that will enhance your business.

Granted, you have many things that have to be done, but highlight the one item that is truly life-giving for your business. Do the things you have to do, but give your best to that one thing each day. Put your greatest energy, your best self into those number ones. That is what you are striving for – your best, not perfection. Your best. Perfect is not a requirement for success.

An example of a #1 thing for today: Before I get lost in my to-do list, I will make contact with three current clients and ask them to send a referral email or text to people in their sphere of influence.

BE STRONG: Mistakes do not define you.
BE COURAGEOUS: Sometimes good enough is good enough.
BE BOLD: Go Big. Period.


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