Secret 5: Move on from the Setback


“Each bruise is a lesson. Each lesson makes us better.” – Syrio Forel – Game of Thrones

What is a setback? Something that impedes our forward progress: It can be defined as a complication we didn’t anticipate; it can be a mishap, an upset, a difficulty, a hitch… but it is NOT a synonym for failure. We all experience setbacks – it’s not the setback that defines us, it’s how we move on from the setback that speaks to who are really are. But in the moment that a setback occurs, that can be easier said than done.

How then, do you move on from the setback? The first thing to do is to remove your emotional response and put the setback in its rightful context. Is there something you can learn from this? Great. Think of it as feedback. Lesson taken. Move ahead. Is there a way to avoid this from happening in the future? Put a safeguard in place. Move forward. Is this just one of those times it was something beyond your control? Let it go. Ruminating on the setback? Not helpful!

Shark Tank investor Barbara Corcoran says what building a business is all about is getting over what sets you back and getting over it as fast as you can.

There is profound truth in the adage: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Experiencing a setback proves you’re in the game. So stay in the game.

The emotional response I have to the setback I am struggling with today:_____________________________

I will LOOK at this setback in the context of the facts. What is true and not true?

I will LEARN what I can. What truth can I take to move forward?

I will LEAVE the ruminating behind. What do I need to let go of that isn’t true?

BE STRONG: If it’s not helpful, it’s not helpful. Leave it behind.
BE COURAGEOUS: Take from any situation, only those things that help you grow.
BE BOLD: You can recover from the misstep only if you first take the step.


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