Secret 3: Embrace Risk


“If you push through that feeling of being scared, that feeling of taking risk, really amazing things can happen.” – Marissa Mayer, CEO, Yahoo

Were you watching TV the night Nik Wallenda walked the tightrope 50 stories high over the streets of Chicago? Then watched again as he walked blindfolded across the tightrope?

If you did, we imagine you were holding your breath with each step willing him to stay the course, but also wondering why he was doing what he was doing. After his walk, he was asked that question by several news outlets. His answer “This is what I was made for.” Wow! Do you remember feeling that way when you started your business or have to make a difficult decision? You might feel you are walking a tightrope and blindfolded as well, but never forget, you were made for this, too!

All entrepreneurs take risks, but the successful ones understand the importance of calculated risk. Preparation, focus, hard work and understanding the personal cost were rolled into the equation when your business was birthed and that same preparation is needed as the business grows. Do you wake up each morning thinking up new possibilities for your business or are you comfortable waking up doing the same thing each day? Hopefully, the desire for seeking new opportunities and preparing for “what’s next” are part of the tapestry we continue to weave every day – regardless of what the day brings.

On his walk across the Grand Canyon one year before Chicago, Wallenda was seen crouching down on the wire twice. Why? Because he felt he needed to get his rhythm back to continue the journey.

As risk takers who hunger for the next challenge, we also need to build in the time to pause, regain our balance, so we can focus on that next step, with no fear or apprehension in mind.

What helps you get your rhythm back for the next challenge?

BE STRONG: Fear is not the enemy, so take the risk.
BE COURAGEOUS: Choose courage or comfort, you can’t have both.
BE BOLD: Without risk there is no gain.


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