Secret 1: Reframe Your Self Perception


 Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” – Henry Ford

The GEM Report (U.S. Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) tells us men do not struggle as much as women to trust the skills and capabilities we bring to the table in our business. Do you believe this to be true?

If you do, it is time to rethink this. We have the same level of education, robust gifts and skills as men, but our self perception of “not good enough” seems to reign within us. To be successful as women entrepreneurs, we need a mind shift!

Everyone has moments of self doubt. It’s ok. It is the reality of being human, but we do not need to believe because we are women, we will never have what it takes to be as successful as men.

What are the gifts, abilities, and strengths you bring to your business? Write these attributes out so they are visible on your screen savers, at your desk or on the bathroom mirror! Put them into a “Go-To Statement” you can memorize and repeat every single day:

“I have the gifts of ____________, the abilities of ___________, and the strengths of ___________, to thrive and grow my business today.”

BE STRONG: Don’t believe the committee in your head without questioning its truth.
BE COURAGEOUS: You have the strengths and gifts to succeed.
BE BOLD: When self doubt rears its head, squelch it with your go-to sentence and believe!


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