Do not fear the escalators of life – they won’t “swallow” you!

Ever have those times where you feel like you are walking as fast as you can, but you simply aren’t getting anywhere? Or perhaps you find yourself in a place that you’ve been before —several times.  Me, too. It is easy to stay put. It is always hard to move from the easy or comfortable and try something that might help move me forward.

I was terrified of escalators when I was a little girl. I knew that somehow, some way I was going to be swallowed up in one of those things on the last step. So, I cried and begged (ok…maybe threw a little tantrum) for my mom to take me to the elevator or regular ol’ stairs. For a couple of years (yes YEARS!) she would take me to the elevator or stairs (better than little Coach Cindy embarrassing her with a tantrum!).

One day my dad took me to the local Sears store with the escalator and told me that I had to take the escalator. He held my hand –while I held my breath—and had me ride up and down for what seemed hours. Holding his hand and knowing he was there to grab me before that last stair disappeared started to calm my fears and courage started to creep in. Soon, I never worried about the escalator eating me and could hop on and ride the moving stairs without a hand. It simply became a means of getting me somewhere quickly!

If there is something causing you to fear change, find someone to share your fear with. Let them hold your hand and encourage you as you start to change and try something new.

Today I want you to take a piece of paper and write down three areas of your life you would like to change – be it overcoming a fear—trying something new – or taking a risk you’ve been avoiding. Choose one of those areas to share with a friend, loved one, or your coach and start to outline how you can get off the treadmill and move forward! Believe me, I can tell you from experience, it’s not as scary as you think!

What were you most afraid of when you were a child? What about now? Write down three things that you want to fear no more and share how you will overcome them.